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SpectreSecurity CloudFront Defense Free

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This is for a one license of cloudfront defense free.

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SpectreSecurity Cloudfront Defense

This is (1) Copy of the SpectreSecurity SpectreSecurity Cloudfront Defense on your deployed web application.

Cloudfront Defense us a security tool to help monitor and stop unwanted connection to your website or we application.
Security is built apon layers of defense and dropping bad or unwanted connections is a must. Cloudfront Defense will add IP BlockList, Useragent Checking, and URI Checking
to your existing php application to help provide additional layers of protection. Cloudefront Defense is currently in beta testing and may or may not work
with every platform. Future upgrades are always in progress.

We will require the following items to be provided by the purchaser to do the Cloudfront Defense.

STEP 1. Obtain License Keys

The free license key will be needed when setting up the agent on your site!

STEP 2. Your “SpectreSecurity Rewards” Wallet Address

SpectreSecurity Rewards Site
Please create your free account on the Rewards site to obtain your wallet address.

  • Address Generation Once you have logged into your free account. Go to bottom of dashboard page and select generate new wallet address.

STEP 3. Install agent on your webserver.

  • Agent files unpack the agent into your website. Do not install agent into any website directory. The agent needs to be outside of it so not to be called by visitors directly.
  • Configure Agent Once uploaded, edit and enter your license key, and your “SpectreSecurity Rewards” Wallet Address.
  • Agent Run Mode By default the agent runs in “Monitor Mode”, this allows us to get the data, but not interact with then sites traffic. To enable blocking of Banned and Suspect traffic, change the mode to “Run”
  • Edit paths to Banned.php and Banned.html When a connection is blocked these will be the pages shown to the visitor.

STEP 4. Deploy agent to sites that you want to get traffic data for.

There are many ways to deploy the software, below we will list the most common.

  • Simple File Include simply add as the first line of your php webpage. include("../_agent/_agent.php");
  • Htaccess You can use htaccess to auto load the plugin into many pages.
  • Apache Pre-pend Configure apache to load the file before every page in the site.
  • Many many more. We made the agent simple, no fuss.

STEP 5. Monitor your site and data.

After you Deploy your agent, you can monitor it in the SpectreSecurity Rewards Site.

Product Notes.

  • BETA Release Data may be wiped with no notice while in beta.
  • Agent License Use it on any site you want, as many times as you want.
  • Webserver Type Tested on Apache 2.4
  • PHP PHP 5.6 or above works well. Also you need curl. Most of these are default in any webhosting.
  • Time to set up? Less than 5 minutes.
  • Ban Pages Includes two Banned Page Templates.
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